Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Response to Ayn Rand

“The secrets of this earth are not for all men to see, but only for those who will seek them (pg. 52).” Ayn Rand’s Anthem display the rational egoistic journey of Equality 7-2521, later on as Prometheus, in a society were collectivism rules amongst all people. Rand exaggerates collectivism, like many others in Prometheus’ society, the lack of individualism to act upon their own agency was completely disregarded where the society solely relies as a collectivistic whole. This remove one’s uniqueness to explore and allow themselves to grow, collectively through their own uniqueness under harmony and peace. However, the uniqueness of ideas and interest could spark some conflict within the society itself. The difference in ideas and interest would cause a strain on the direction on which the society is attempting to drive upon instead of being productive society.
In the Anthem, Rand definitely asserts that rational egoism is a cure for collectivism – more importantly on how Prometheus discovers the words “I” and “EGO”. To a certain extent, this allow Prometheus to challenge his society through their ideas of individualism and provided the courage for him to grow as a unique individual, with his own separate thoughts, interest and actions. Rational egoism definitely highlights individualism and uniqueness, however it does not entirely cure collectivism – a compromise of both would definitely do it justice. If Prometheus succeeded in his plan on introducing egoism to his society, there would be a divide in class due to varied interest, and attempt to overthrow ruling power.
Rand’s experience reflects her own point of view of what a collectivist society could look like – hence why too much or too little of anything is bad. In western society, there’s such a huge focus on individualism, and advancement of self – for oneself, by oneself (sounds like Marc Jacobs). Due to this, we compete for jobs, resources, and favors in order to advance ourselves – for oneself, by oneself – making us   In contrast, most of eastern societies, communal living could be viewed as collectivism due to the similarities that members of that communal society wants to advance themselves together, by themselves, for themselves. The perception of each individual experience definitely allow each member to view their purpose in the world. Prometheus wishes to be part of the council was ignore, however, if he became a member of that society, he would continue to think that the society is great – ignorance is bliss, you were given the reason to doubt.

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