Thursday, June 2, 2016

Non Book Review

The TV show Lazy Town is a show where there are people that live there and are just lazy and don’t do anything with themselves but sit around and watch TV, eat junk food, sleep and play games. There is a mayor who is in charge of the town, and most of the town consists of children. To them this is a wonderful utopia where they don’t have to worry about doing anything and they can just do as they please without doing any work and or being active. However, things take a toll when a young girl named Stephanie moves there and tries to change things up. She clearly originated from a place where people were active, and didn’t stay inside in front of a screen all day and ate healthy. Most of the people living their weren’t so fond of her wanting to change things up especially the antagonist of the show, Robbie Rotten who insists that the people of Lazy Town remain lazy. With assistance from the superhero Sportacus, she was able to work together with him in order to get the people of Lazy Town to be more active with their lives.
            This show portrayed similar traces of how people act in society today. They would rather be cooped up inside their homes watching television and playing video games; being absorbed by technology and not fully exploring things that surround them. They live unhealthy lifestyles where all they eat is junk food and sweets. While they do feel that this is the best way to live it is actually hurting them in terms of health and building their knowledge. However it is until they meet Stephanie they are opened to a new door of activities and a different outlook on life. Throughout the show, she continues to push them on becoming better people. Ignorance plays such an important role in many different societies. People are born into the type of society they live and are unaware of things outside of their comfort zone or at least what their leader/government allows them to know of. In various utopias, most of the time they feel it is better to set a specific lifestyle that they feel will not cause people to rebel or cause chaos. But it seems to be that they fail to realize that the more you hinder information from people after a certain amount of time they become curious as to what else exists behind their world. This is what causes changes within a society and cause them to take action against their government and people. On the other hand, there are people that are so accustomed to their lifestyle that they would hate for anyone to come and ruin it because they feel “content” with their way of life. For example, in the show, the antagonist Robbie Rotten tries by any means to stop Stephanie and Sportacus from making changes. He felt that everything was fine just the way it was before they came around. He enjoyed the peace and quiet and not having to worry about doing anything and just being lazy. He tries different tactics to get rid of them or even try to persuade them to change their ways of the “lazy life”.

            Ignorance really has an effect on people especially when they are living a life that has their own set of norms. All it takes is one person to want to make a change in order to make their way of life more enjoyable and worth living. Majority of the time people are actually curious as to what exists outside of their world but are not bold enough to take action to discover it. Sometimes it is difficult to all of a sudden make changes to what you’re accustomed to, but sometimes change is also a good thing. And you will never know how effective it may be to your life unless you give it a try. 

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