Thursday, June 2, 2016

Response #3

The Lord of the Flies is a novel by William Golding consists of a group of boys abandoned on an island due to a plane crash that was shot during a war.  They are forced to try and survive while living on that island. However trouble begins to brew up when people decide to try and take control and set their own form of rules, however not everyone chooses to abide by them. The main character of the novel, Ralph, was trying different tactics in order to try and help summon ships in order for them to be saved off of that island. But it seems that the other boys were just trying to enjoy life on the island without any adults being with them. Ralph also elected another boy named Jack to be in charge of hunting food so that they may survive. Jack unfortunately was able to open the rest of the boys to a savage type of nature where they hunt and kill for the fun of it. With the fact that each of the boys had their own ideas, their “utopia” was never going to last. Ralph wanted to deal with things in a more peaceful matter as opposed to Jack who did things more aggressively. So since Jack was more aggressive with things, the boys feared him more causing them to want to stand by his side and remain on his good side. Jack plays a role kind of similar to most governments. Since they have such a great amount of power over their citizens people succumb to follow their rules and do whatever they could to be okay. When people have different opinions trouble is bound to brew among them. In a way it is like a war was going on within a war. Since they were all on an island that they didn’t have no rules to follow or no adults to listen to they felt that things would be easy to deal with and it would be the perfect place to stay in. However it seems that once there are disputes, it causes the boys to attack each other. People were either killed intentionally through attacks of the boys savage behavior or through means of trying to defend themselves. What started out so innocent and peaceful, turned into a brutal bloodbath. This novel is able to portray how when people have free will in what they desire it leads into nothing but destruction. These boys were open to do as they please but they were not able to have full control of maintaining order within their group. If things like this could happen amongst young children, how would things have been different if there were adults present? Or if there were adults stuck on the island instead of young boys? Everyone has a mind of their own and when they feel strongly about something they would hold on to how they feel and abide by it. If they are confident enough about how they feel and develop the power to do what they please,  they will go through any means necessary to enforce their beliefs.

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