Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Book Review: Fahrenheit 451

In the novel Fahrenheit 451 by Ray Bradbury, he is able to show what dilemmas these characters encountered and how they were able to get out of these situations. It is also clear that technology plays an important role in this novel. It has gotten the best of the human race and it also enhances how ignorance has impacted the society as well. This also influences dystopian like characteristics because since technology takes over their way of life, they are only aware of what who is in control allows them to know. However once curiosity arises, it will bring destruction to their society.

The novel is portrayed in a society where technological advancements has taken over. People overuse these things and don’t realize that it derives them from things that go on in the world as well as the people around them. For example in the novel, Mildred Montag, the wife of the protagonist Guy Montag, has obsession with her parlor walls. In this case these are known as interactive televisions. She is clearly obsessed with them since she wants to “get the fourth wall torn out and a fourth-wall TV put in” (Bradbury 20). She is so focused on what goes on with the television that she doesn’t spend time with her husband. People should not let technology thwart them from spending time with family and those that are close to us. In the United States, you see a numerous amount people talking on cell phones, listening to music and playing games on electronic devices instead of having a conversation with someone or reading a book. People let technology brainwash them but they should find time to do other productive things instead of having their eyes focused on a screen. This novel even connects with the episode 15 Million Merits from the show Black Mirror. People are surrounding by screens that resemble things like televisions and cellphones and live their lives through those screens.

People have a tendency to follow the popular opinions made instead of going with their own impressions. People need to realize that obtaining knowledge is one of the greatest weapons against ignorance. Guy Montag gained an interest in understanding an in-depth purpose of books primarily since they were banned. Majority of the people in the society try to avoid investigating books to prevent problems with the authorities. Captain Beatty, the antagonist of the novel tries to manipulate Guy Montag through his knowledge of books. When a person begins to go against their government or whoever is in control, that shows that some sort of rebellion is about to occur. When you hide information from people it eventually would make them curious to what other things exists. This is especially when they are so adjusted to a certain lifestyle that they are not fond of. It is important that one opens their eyes to what goes on in the world. Sometimes the information we gain may seem as sorrow in our ears but at least you are aware of how it can affect one’s life.

All in all, this novel is able to open our eyes to things that can impact a person’s life. Since this novel is supposed to portray as a futuristic version of America, It also gives insight on what could possibly happen in the years to come. Our societies have gotten so corrupt because we are controlled by what goes on in the society. Things like technology has overtaken the human race and causes them to always rely on it as well. People are sometimes blind to certain aspects of life but it is up to us to take a chance and open the door to fresh knowledge.

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