Sunday, May 29, 2016

Response 3

In the show Black Mirror, the episode “The Entire History of You” is telling the technology is interfering the privacy of people and bringing up their dark times which lead their life to no more than misery and disappointment. The episode haves a technology called grain which recorded everything which a person sees. Later he or she could sit and watch those moments like looking at a movie. The episode starts with Liam (Main character) who is attending a job interview. The people who were interviewing him told him that they will let him know later about whether he gets accepted or not. After he leaves the building, he looked at the feedback using that grain tech and realized that he is not accepted. The story goes around Liam, his wife, Fifion and Fifion’s ex-boyfriend Jonas. Liam finds out that his wife is flirting with Jonas and wanted to know the truth about what is going on between them.
The episode is full of tension and thrill where Fifion tried to hide her history and wanted to start a new life. The problem started when Liam got to know that Fifion had been sleeping around with her ex-boyfriend, Jonas even after her marriage to Liam. Although Fifion had betrayed Liam, it was her secret to save a relationship. This technology intervenes and disclosed that secret and ruined their relation. I think it is very upsetting because every person makes a mistake and always intend to forget it so he or she could make their future better. This episode is overcoming that individualism thought where a person haves a privacy which he alone knows it. I believe that some histories should be buried for good so it could not affect the future.
The good point of it is the security which allows seeing whether you are clean or you have done some criminal act. The show wasn’t enforcing like in “15 Million Merits” (another episode of the same show), where people are not allowed to live their life with freedom. The show didn't have any penalties if someone is not following the utopia. These were the things which contributed to an ideal society which had freedom of thought and act.
I don't believe in everyone knowing everything and having no sense of privacy. The privacy is an opinion of an individual where he or she is honest with themselves. Every person has the right to it and willingly have control over their past. If a person haves a bad history, it doesn't mean his future should be same. Human nature taught us to rehabilitate and make our life better which this technology could eventually take away.
As this episode concentrated on the tech and its effects on relationships which make it one side of a page. Another aspect was that who might control this technology apart from the person. As it is directly implanted in the brain so it could kill a person, it could dominate their fear and monitor them. As every other chip, it is also a computer based equipment which can cause malfunction, so it is not safe enough. As in the story, it clarifies that people have a choice of having it, and it also tells the negative aspect when a girl tells that her privacy is invaded, and she doesn't want her past to shape her future.

I would not have this thing in my life because it is the advance tech and humanity is not ready for this. I have some secrets, my truths and a part of my life which I never want to look back, but this thing if I could look it on screen then what is a guarantee that others cannot so it is not the best utopia because it is conditioned free will, not what I want.

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