Monday, May 30, 2016

Ron Hoffman - 15 million merrits

Throughout the 1 - hour show I spotted many signs of an dystopian society. However the one presented in the show was different then most societies of this type. Usually or at least in the ones I've come across most dystopian societies seem all well and good at first, it's only after a closer examination that you realize something is off about the society. With the one presented in the show, I was able to tell right away that it was an dystopia. They didn't even attempt to hide it from the audience. Most of the area's in the show had this futuristic feel to it, besides all the holograms and not real/real vending machines. Just the color they used made it feel like they were in some futuristic prison most of the time. Their was very little if any color. The majority of the time I just saw silver or black walls. The only time where the scenery changed was when people got up on stage and performed on the Hot Shot show.

     The environment also felt like a prison to me. Not that I know what it's like first hand but the fact that everyone had their own little room, had to follow certain routines everyday and had a chance to "move up" just all screams jail to me. No one ever really had true freedom. They had to get up at a certain time, had to exercise on the bikes everyday, had to eat at a designated location, were basically forced to watch certain things etc... The most interesting part of the whole show was that it was so obviously a dystopia, but no one did anything about it. Even the main guy, in the end conformed.

    Sadly I could definitely see this sort of thing happening some time in the future. Hell, it's already sort of begun. Their are video camera's on basically every busy street corner, satellites that could track anyone wherever they are, their are tons and tons of stupid shows on television, many people conform to the norm and when they don't they are usually ostracized and above all we don't know if its for the best. We all have a certain routine we follow everyday, whether it be work, school or both, watching television or going online, exercising... we follow the norm because we don't know what will happen if it changes. We look upon worlds like the one displayed in the show as a dystopia but that world shares a lot of things in common with the world we live in today. Nearly everyone has a goal they are working towards but we don't know what will happen if and when we achieve it. Just like the main character in the episode. Near the end he was working towards getting on that stage, making a statement and taking a stand. I thought he was going to kill himself afterwards, or refuse to go with the norm but instead he conformed, ensuring that the dystopian society remains firmly in place without anyone ever questioning their lives and the world in which they live.  

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 - Ron Hoffman


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