Monday, May 30, 2016

Ron Hoffman - The Matrix

The matrix , at least the first one is probably the movie that introduced most people to the very concept of a fake world. At first everything shown to us appears as it would in our own world, relatively normal. Then all of a sudden people are pausing in mid - air, jumping off buildings, flying... It is revealed to us that the world we were shown at first isn't the real one. Turns out most of the earth's population has been captured by machines and put into these pods, connected to these tubes which cause the person to think they are out in the world. They feel, touch, taste and percieve all these things which seem's to be 100% real. The only way out is to take a certain pill which releases the hold the machines have on you. This introduces a very fascinating topic of discussion because, while the world most people are living in isn't real, they think it does so in the end does it really matter?
The real world has been destroyed by years of war against the machines, their is very little if any comfort in the real world. However in this fake world everything is as it was before the world was ruined by war. People go about their lives working, playing, having fun and just living. This fake world is one huge lie, but i can't call it a dystopia because it isn't actively hurting anyone. If anything it is providing them with comfort and a chance of a normal life. However at the same time I can't call it an actively good place to be because it is all a lie.
I can't tell you which one the matrix is. Personally I consider it to be a dystopia because it is an active lie, it is decieving most of the people in it into thinking that they are really living their lives and most importantly aren't giving them any say or choice in the matter. That lack of choice is the most important reason of why I consider the matrix to be a dystopia. If people chose the matrix over the real world then fine, let them enjoy their relatively normal lives, ignorent of the real world. But the fact that this is forced upon them takes away their free will and deprives them of their humanity.
It is later revealed that the matrix was created to help people, and I agree. The matrix did help a lot of people but it took away their freedom. It is impossible to know what people want, sometimes they don't know it themselves. Forcing your will onto other's, even if beneficial is wrong in my opinion. People must decide for themselves what is right and what is wrong. Their can never be such a thing as a true utopia when human beings have free will. At the same time however their never be such a thing as a dystopia either. Maybe a dictorship will rise here or there but it won't last, the people will revolt and society will revert back to its normal state. Not a utopia or a dystopia but somewhere in between.
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              - Ron Hoffman

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