Sunday, May 29, 2016

Response 2
In 1984 Book by George Orwell represented a society controlled by the party and this story goes around Winston Smith who is a member of the outer party, responsible for rewriting history for the head “big brother”. Big Brother is a character who is the leader of the party and watch over this controlled and manipulated society. It is reflecting more like a dictator or authoritarian or totalitarian rule which makes it a dystopia.
The book shows a very fantastic start with Winston Smith upset with this society and have rebellious thought about this society. The story was full of thrill and suspense which makes it the complete book. The components included; Winston is standing against oppression, he sacrifices his family life when his wife leaves him, another twist of romance with a beautiful girl (Julia), inner conspiracy means he is not alone in this as the intervention of O’Brien and finally the betrayal as well which had made it best. As everything was at its best, the last thing writer added was an unusual ending with lots of disappointment when Winston and Julia surrendered.
Winston takes over the heroic role and a keen role where he knew how the Big Brother is destroying the basis of society, but the reality is not always what it seems. I believed it would have ended like Brave New World where John Savage saw death as freedom and dignity which might change the outcome if the story continued, but still it ended with a lot of things. This book did almost the same until the end where Winston preferred to accept Big Brother’s rule instead he would sacrifice and make himself an example. Surely every sacrifice does bring some change, but his fear was controlled and dominated his thoughts which made this a perfect dystopia.
This book was published in 1949 means the end of World War II and the start of communism. Apart from the bombing in Japan, I believe this book could serve the purpose of stopping the rise of communism. As the book was portraying Russia of that time and Big Brother as the dictator Joseph Stalin, it makes more sense that this would be possible that fear dominates over hope. The literature has always brought hope, and I believe this book represented the reality, and if any person after reading this novel didn't stand against the oppressive rule, it would become the future 1984 as George Orwell defines. 

To me, the book was interesting with a lot of suspense which ultimately makes it best in my point of view even after my critics about the ending. As said, “Everything comes with a price” which means that there is needed more instead saying or thinking, it requires work more like a practical struggle. I would consider this book a significant role in stopping dictatorship and communism at some extend. In today’s world, I would also find this book to be a beacon of the human reality of overcoming the fear through authoritarian rule, and still it can be used to portray the reality instead of hope. Hope is all different from reality because the reality is not always hopeful, but hope could overcome many fundamental realities.  

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