Monday, May 23, 2016

Response to "Fifteen Million Merits"

The production of the show “Fifteen Million Merits” portrays a strong reflection ofmodern society. Unfortunately, we have made our fantasy of dystopian societies into reality. Itsymbolizes our obsession as a society with unrealistic consumption of physical and digitalgoods, money, and to a better socioeconomic status. Our unhealthy consumption of media feedsinto fanciful and distorted information media broadcasters illustrate based on what we want tohear or see. Further distracting us on what truly matters with what’s wrong with the system itself.Bing Madsen is an example of many people, especially in reality, who understood what’s wrongwith the system and tried to make people aware of it and yet gave up due to his inability to breakor change the society. We are aware that our lives reflect exactly how it was portrayed in thevideo. However, we somehow chose not to act upon it almost like we are content with whatthis society has given us due to all the distractions that are feeding on our personal interests anddefeats such as Madsen was trying to achieve. It is like we are completely allowing them to do usdirty and be completely fine with it without protest.Much to my dismay, nobody becomes politically unaware unless they directly affectthem one way or another. It made me realize as a member of our society that the governmentdoes it can to do to keep the society running, just the way all the dystopian societies do. It makesme think that our society today is not different from them. It does, by all means to meet its needs,whether it is morally or immorally justifiable is out of the question The United States ofAmerica is a self-sustaining dystopian society, a rather bold statement. As an example, Madsenwanted to make a political statement to enlighten many people through challenging many of theviewers, however was taken with a little grain of salt like a compelling performance. He wasawarded “merit” and “originality” but portrayed as a performance to be able to shut him and hispolitics down rapidly and wisely to maintain the society. Capitalism only serves those who sharethe same interest and buy those who are a threat to the system.

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